Terms and conditions of Liisi hire purchase:


Fixed interest rate of 14.9% on the purchase amount

Contract fee of €15 (automatically divided into equal instalments on the payment schedule)

The contract does not have a minimum or maximum amount (minimum monthly payment can be €7)


APR information:

Purchase €500, period 12 months, fixed interest rate 14.9%

On the day of entry into the contract, the annual percentage rate is 36.31%, assuming an interest rate of 14.9% per annum, a contract fee of €15 and immediate drawdown. The contract is valid for the agreed period.


Other information:

Quick limit application procedure

Down payment from €0

Immediate signing of contract

If you encounter unforeseen payment difficulties and notify us immediately, we can find a suitable solution together.


Payment with LIISI hire purchase:

Add products to your shopping basket.

Select Liisi payment link as the payment method.

Specify the number of months and the repayment date.

Sign conveniently and securely with your ID card, Mobile ID or Smart ID.